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Flounder Fishing Charleston, SC

Flounder are highly sought-after for their delicious taste. And they can also be a fun challenge to reel in! Book a Charleston, SC flounder fishing trip with Therapy Fishing for a great day on the water in pursuit of this fascinating game fish!

Fishing For Flounder

Flounder are truly a unique catch. They’re known as “flatfish,” and for good reason. Their bodies are flat, and they typically lie at the bottom of shallow waters, waiting for their prey. Flounder have eyes located on just one side of their bodies, making it easier for them to lie undetected on the creek, inlet, or harbor floor. With these features, they’re able to easily blend in with their environment, making them a worthy predator for small fish and invertebrates—and a great challenge for anglers!

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How To Catch Flounder

Summer is the best time to catch flounder in the Charleston area—especially June, because flounder follow baitfish to warm, shallow waters. You’ll likely use live bait to catch flounder, like anchovies, mullet, shrimp, worms, or crabs.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Captain Adam will work to provide you with the best opportunity to catch a stunning flounder (or two!). The best places to drop your line in the Charleston area are near structures like piers and docks, and at the mouths of saltwater creeks. If you do catch a flounder, you’ll be able to keep it if it’s above the legal 12” minimum size limit, which is in place to help ensure the health of South Carolina’s flounder populations.

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A Challenging Catch

Many folks think flounder are a challenging catch, because they hide out in rather inconspicuous places throughout the summer months. If you’re up for the challenge, we’re here to help. Captain Adam is knowledgeable of the habits of flounder and deeply familiar with Charleston’s waterways. He’ll help you search for these elusive fish in their favorite hiding spots.

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No Skills Necessary!

All Therapy Fishing charters offer the same benefit: you don’t have to be an experienced angler to enjoy your trip and have success on the water. Captain Adam can help you with the basics, provide all necessary equipment, teach you effective techniques, or just help you get you to great fishing quickly.


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Ready to try your hand at catching a delicious, yet challenging fish? Book a flounder fishing trip in Charleston, SC with Therapy Fishing today!

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