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Shark Fishing Charters In Charleston, SC

Looking for an adventurous fishing experience? Therapy Fishing is proud to offer exciting shark fishing charters in Charleston, SC! Book your trip with us, and you’ll be casting your reel for some of the Atlantic Ocean’s greatest predators!

All Skill Levels Welcome

As with all of our trips, you don’t have to be an experienced fisherman to enjoy the thrill of our shark fishing trips. Captain Adam has years of experience with both inshore and offshore fishing in the inlets, rivers, harbors, shallow and deep ocean waters of the Charleston area.

We’re happy to work with novices, sharing tips and tricks to give you confidence with a reel. Experienced fishermen can count on our knowledge of the waters to get you to the best opportunities for challenging thrills while shark fishing!


Types Of Sharks In Charleston, SC

On our shark fishing trips, you will have the opportunity to reel in several different species local to the area. These include Tiger, Bull, Blacktip, and Bonnet Head sharks. These species can be found inshore and offshore, making Charleston an excellent place to try your hand at shark fishing!

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Tiger Sharks

One type of shark you might catch is a Tiger shark, second in size among predatory sharks only to the Great White. You’ll recognize Tiger sharks by their serrated teeth and by the stripes down the length of their bodies (as their name implies), which become less noticeable with age. 

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Blacktip Sharks

An Atlantic Blacktip shark may also grab your line. Blacktips are about 5 to 9 feet in length once they’re fully grown. They’re a truly beautiful shark, having a white underbelly and pointed nose. You’ll identify this shark by the black tips of their pectoral, dorsal, and tail fins.

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Bull Sharks

Bull sharks are also possible catches on our Charleston shark fishing charters. Bull sharks are stout, dark grey, and are found in both saltwater and freshwater. They can be quite large, with adults growing to an upwards of ten feet in length.

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Atlantic Sharpnose

For the experienced fisherman, fly fishing trips are a truly special way to fish. Ample on-board casting space and premium tackle combine to ensure a one-of-a kind fly-fishing experience.

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Lemon Sharks

Therapy Fishing is also pleased to offer fishing charters designed for families with children. Even the most novice-level member of your family can expect big fish and even bigger fun with these charters.

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Bonnet Heads

Bonnethead sharks are a member of the Hammerhead family and are only a few feet in length. They have a distinct round, flat head and can often be found in groups.

Book A Shark Fishing Trip

As you can see, there are many shark species in the Charleston area. If you’re up for a fishing experience that offers more thrills than most, book a shark fishing charter with Therapy Fishing today!

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